The beginning

Photographer: Álvaro Rodriguez

The Beginning it’s a nude nature project that was made around the 10 of the 15 national natural parks on Spain, fusing the most epic and wild landscapes with the human body in order to review what is truly authentic and pure. This project was possible thanks to the many people who collaborate via crowdfunding.

Álvaro travel hundreds of miles sleeping in trailers, backseat of cars, abandoned shacks and etc, walking miles along the trails and discovering tons of unexplored places, trying this way to have a more minimal experience and to connect with the wilderness that he transmits on his work and the people that he shared the experience with.

Since he was a kid, Álvaro was always in love with the mountains and the nature, born in Ciudad Rodrigo, in Salamanca Spain, he found in photography a way to explore and share his feelings about nature.