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If you like our project consider supporting if you can.
You'll get the PDF version of the magazine with the donation.
1,90e you get one magazine.
3,00e you get the pack with 2.

If you're feeling generous be free to donate what you can.

AIR Digital

AIR #2 Spring.

AIR #1 Fall.

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Thanks a lot for your support,

we really appreciate.

AIR it's an independent project, with no ads, no sponsors, no promoted posts or censorship.
It's a
collective effort to curate and give voice to what is best in nude art photography.

This is your doing.

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Issue #1 and #2

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- Original art.

- Independent production.

- More than 100 pages.

- No ads.

- Made with recycled materials.

- Printed localy and on demand.

- Zero waste.

- Eco packging and delivery.

We present to you the AIR Magazine on print.

In AIR Magazine we value photography, we only publish what we believe is the best.

In this printed issue we've decided to make a tribute to the artists that we've published online and to make our art go further.

These are great photographs, and it should be seen on many ways as possible. 

For our printed version we made a selection with work that represents well what is our point of view on nude art photography and to thank all the artists and you for supporting our work and sharing the same passion for photography that we do.


The Magazine

A5 size portrait format.

Soft Cover.

+ 120 pages.

Dozens of featured artists.

Sustainable print, packaging, delivery. 

All made with the finest recycled paper.

No press, media or publishers involved.

Ads free, no marketing.

Only amazing nude art photography content.

Individual Price: 20€

Bundle: 36€

Payments via PayPal

Editor in chief: Pedro Vidal


#2 Spring.


#1 Fall.