Laura Vilches

I got into photography naturally, like something that just happened.

I started by doing self-portraits when I was around 13 years old, just playing around with it and shooting with some friend. Typical when you’re that young. As the years were passing, especially with self-portraits, I felt safe photographing. For me was almost like a self-therapy, there is many emotions that I end up comprehending after making it physical on a photograph.

By all means I’m still on my third year of photography studies. Not that I believe that someone will become a photographer just by studying it or that someone can’t be a photographer without any study, I just still hesitate to call myself photographer.

My point with photography is not making money or exhibitions, nothing that would make me an author by any means, my real motivation it’s to be able create when I need it and to feed me from other authors and references that make me feel things. I must confess that first I had almost no references, but now it would be very hard for me to pick one since I have so many.

My creative process is very unique for each photograph I create. Some photographs came up by seeing an interesting ray of light that made me bring up my camera, while some others photographs come from my inner-self after spending lots of time reflecting about it. Sometimes it’s like painting on an empty canvas and other times is more like writing my own biography.

In my process, from the idea to the creation, there is no guidelines, methods or time schedule. Each photograph come up by my vital circumstances in the moment. It can take a few hours or even weeks for a photograph to be ready.

When it comes about nude photography as an art, I don’t believe we can mix all the artists in the same category. Nude photography can happen on two different intentions, as revindication character or liberation. In my case it happens both ways.

When I started doing nude photography years ago my motivations, my excuses, were about feminism, but now I see this as a mistake. If you want to create art with ideological context, you’re in your right to do so, but the worst we can do to woman is to make us feel coerced by that obligation. In other words: the nude photography exists for its own art; you’re not forced to have ideological messages to create something beautiful with it.

About social media I have contradicted feelings.

I believe social media it’s a very easy way to share your work and to get to know others as well, it’s very fast and fluid. On the other hand, this is exactly what I don’t like it. Everything is to fast and becomes banal very easily. I feel it’s very easy to get used to compare each other’s work and this is not always good.

Me personally, I’m very thankful for all the support I have from social media all these years but from time to time I have to get some distance from it, I can’t avoid to compare myself to everyone, to feel mediocre (as if it matters anyway), and this is something that brings me down.

Very often people write to me telling me how they appreciate my work or how they would like to do stuff as I do and also telling me how my work helped them in an emotional way or with other matters. This is something that confuses me a bit cause sometimes it’s hard to realize that on the other side of the screen there are real people. I think that if I was conscious all the time, I wouldn’t be able to post anything at all.

Lately I’ve been thinking about designing some fanzines, which I have two made up already, and a book as well. Besides the photos I have many things that I write all over my place. This is something that I’ve been planning for long now and it has to get real soon.