Korbinian Vogt

Tell us a little about yourself, how did you got into photography?

The first impression to photography came in my early years.

My parents worked in the film industry in this way I had a close relation to visual elements.

Because we lived close to the Alps, and my passion for mountains I quickly started to take photographs of landscapes.

This continued for about 8 years until I realized that I would like to express and capture something more personal in the photograph. From this point my focus has been nude Art.

Do you remember your first shooting?

My first Shooting has been summer 2014 with the Model Valentina Feula.

It has been at a mountain lake in Bavaria called Eibsee and also introduced me to nude art.

Shortly after I have planed my first Project in Iceland, from January – February 2015.

So you’re a self-taught photographer. How did you develop your style and what are your influences?

Personally, I would say it must be a mix of my personal experiences and my love for Art Movies.

When planing a Project I always think about a certain landscape for weeks or even months.

It is as I already photographed this Project and I only have to "print it out" to reality.

After these moments I’m booking the flights and start working, never planing any details expect some possible hikes and just explore the landscape. Often hiking for several hours daily. I like to see the Project more as some kind of exploration and not like some fixed Series that has to be photographed. I also never let the Model pose in a way they would not do natural. They should also see them self reflected in the final photographs.

About your project, How is it called, Tell me about his concept and how it came to life and what are the challenges of getting it done?

The current Project is about human and Nature, focused mostly in Nordic landscape.

The most simple title for now would be Human nature, I’m planing to create my second Photo Book when the Project is finished. The title for it is still not choice, I will think about it when it feels finish. The point to present the human in a natural form made this Project come into reality. Finding reason in sometimes absurd realities.

How do you feel about the “nude element” in photography these days?

Rarely I see the focus on expression, without cliches included, but if so I would say  these are beautiful photographs in the modern times. There is no middle point, it always depends on the photography by the individual. As well as the way people see the world, some thing can look sexual, for others more natural.

And what do you think about photography as an art expression now a days?

Nowadays it is often trends of the modern world that get converted into some kind of art form. Real art in my opinion always will remain niche.

Do you have something that you wish you knew back there when you started?

I have been quite lucky with my choices, but what I can say is just start.

There is nothing to wait for and the longer you wait the harder it will get.

Any plans or different projects coming up soon?

I’m currently planing a Project which for me seems almost hard to realize.

The concept is already finished, but some issues have to be solved before.

If it works out I’m happy to capture it end or begin of 2019.

Latest 2020."