Kate Ri

Tell us a little about yourself and how and when you started as a model:

I am Kate. I am a former Belarusian tour guide, living in Poland and doing modelling at the moment. I started that job without any plan – in 2015 – when I was scouted on a music festival and invited to a shooting event. After that within 1 year I quit my job in Belarus, moved to Warsaw and became a full time model.


You have a very unique atmosphere. When you are creating or posing, where do you get your inspirations from?

It is just a flow that you may catch at the photo shooting and also a good taste of photographers who pick the best shots. But also I enjoy visiting photo exhibitions and book stores with photo albums – not to find direct ideas, just to broad my art background, to open my mind for creativity by looking how other people do it.  

What is the hardest thing about your job? Is there something you find difficult to handle?

Sometimes I am tired of offensive messages that I can get from some people with whom we don’t catch a good contact. Some people think that if I am posting pictures online every day, they can also give me orders of what else should I do to them:D But it doesn’t happen too often, so in general I wouldn’t say my job is hard to handle

As an artist what you think of nudity expressions in our present days?

For a quite nerdy girl I definitely see too many pictures of naked ladies every day :D There are so many nude photographers in our present days that you can find basically everything – classy or cheap, funny or serious, natural or not much.

You shoot with a lot of different photographers, how is to deal with so many different styles?

It is much better for me to deal with different styles than to work all the time the same way. While you try different things you develop your skills, your creativity and your professionalism.


You are an inspiration to many people too, what do you think of this side of being a model?

To be honest, I never thought about myself as an inspiration, But I am happy to know that looking at my experience some other people will be encouraged to do something new and cool.  

Is there something that you know now that you wish you knew back when you started!? Any advices for models starting on this journey?

I wish I would be more self-confident when I was younger. And do more sports! And eat less shit :D and also I would recommend to younger me to watch more of beauty/fashion tutorials when I had time for that:D

What can I say to new models – be careful with who you work with. Don’t copy other models, be unique. Don’t dream about modelling, just do as many photoshoots as you can and at as good level as you can. Even if you have only your smartphone and nobody around you to push the button, you can still make a great portfolio.