Clara Casas

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into visual arts. Where are you from, where are you based, a little bit of your background and how you found out that you wanted to get into arts.

I am Clara Casas, even though I can be labeled as so many things, I am a Photographer and Creative Director based in Barcelona.

In the artistic field I am very much known as Daziell which is a kind of invented name that I found some time ago, which also is an acronym of words that define me, this words mean Dreamer, Affectionate, Zodiacal, Imaginative, Emotional, Liberal and finally Loyal.

As a creative mind, I often get bored of doing just one thing, as I think I have so much inside to offer, show and transmit, so this is why usually it is difficult for me to “get labeled” as one single thing since mentioned above.

Since my early years, I have always had this hunger for creating which made me make my own clothes which could be kind of disastrous at the time, as well as my own food and even our super home made shootings that together with my sister organised at home when we were only 3 and 5 years old.

You are a multi-talented personality, we see you creating with fashion, food, photography and more.

How do you create or see a connection within the different “languages” you work with?

My deep real passions in life are mainly fashion and gastronomy which I like to show in my own language via photography which is also my other lifelong passion.

I love to create photographies for the freedom I feel I have when taking a picture, as I can exactly show everyone the way I see the things, lights and the world.

It is often difficult to find a coherent connection between this two main topics but I just love them both, the beauty of gastronomic items, their colours and shapes, I find them extremely beautiful, as well as fashion items, which are distinctive for their colours and shapes also.

Both worlds rule over these two main concepts which are shape and colour.

Who or what are your influences that helps you to create your own atmosphere?

I can be inspired by every detail. But it is true that there are some things that inspire me in abundance. As previously mentioned nature is one of my main inspiration resource, its lights, smells, sounds and the perfect imperfection nature has blows my mind every time, with nature there is zero need of artificiality and this is what inspires me the most.

In addition, I am a very curious person, always wanting to find new things and new inspiration inputs, I use a lot instagram to find the most random accounts, and usually I find feeds that are not that known but with amazing content and aesthetic, I love Korean accounts as they usually have a very particular look, and also are not that common for what I am usually used to see in Social Media which sometimes for me, it can feel a little bit repetitive.

Moreover, I really love the fashion photography gurus, such as Irving Penn or Helmut Newton, by who I get extremely inspired, I am a fan of the look and feel they achieved with many less resources that we have nowadays, and they have authentic photographic masterpieces. They are the authentic proof that it is not needed an amazing camera, and amazing flash or an amazing studio to create really amazing content.

As you can see, I have thousands of inspiration resources, that I could go on and speak forever about, and this is the challenge, to learn that everything has a different beauty, so the important thing is to learn how to see it, appreciate it and apply your creativity on it.

What kind of challenges you face while developing yourself as an artist, dealing with clients or even in the artistic environment itself?

There are many challenges in the artistic field, as there is a huge amount of people who does great things, is difficult to stand out. One of the main problems I think we are facing is that due to the accessibility we have to everything now, it is extremely easy for some people to end up crossing the line and having something too similar to the one that “inspired” them in the beginning. This is why also, many times you go over some very young photographers or artists who try to do the same as people who is super successful due to their thirst on being successful as well, and widely recognised. But this is miss understood, because the most important thing in this field is to do your own thing, to try to be 100% expressing yourself and to try and look less to what others are doing, because your identity is what you will know how to represent up to perfection, and not what this other person does, you do you, they do they.

As well, I think the artistic environment is extremely competitive and sometimes it can feel decayed due to this great amount of people wanting to achieve the top, it can be confusing to understand and distinguish the people with pure and loyal values within people that only go in quest of their own success.

How do you see the body, the nude element, as an artistic expression nowadays?

I love the human figure, as it is pure nature, which is my other forever love. I like to appreciate the mother earth and be grateful for the beauty of the existing, as for me is useless the fact of creating and looking for artificial things, when nature gives us everything we need, the sun is the best light, food the best atrezzo and beautiful is within each of us.

Nudity is the expression of the most algid point of freedom, as once you take the barrier off regarding the non-sense (for me) shyness about your own body as well as the human body itself it feels good and I think that is one of the most precious things we have.

Even though prudish is not something I can relate to, I like to have a natural and delicate approach in my way of portraying nudity, bodies is something we are in need to appreciate more in depth, exactly the same as nature resources, it is what gives us, the human race, everything.

I like the ode of nature and purity, so this is my way of showing it, and expressing gratitude to what they give to us.

You seem to travel quite a lot, is there a place you wish to go to next on your list?
How do you feel about traveling and how it takes part on the things you do!?

I have been lucky to be able to travel often, and I have had the opportunity to go to very special places such as Madagascar, South Africa or Swaziland, and this has been also a very strong inspiration channel for me. Thanks to traveling, I have learned one of my main statements today, which is that everything is beautiful but you just need to learn how to see and appreciate it.

Taking a strong part on my appreciation for the raw and natural beauty of everything. As well, it has opened my horizons so much, as it has made me learn about exotic gastronomic aspects, and I have been able to see amazing gifts from mother nature in the shape of landscapes.

My family loves Africa this is the reason why I have been around the continent so much, on the other side, I have a special deep love for Asia, and my main two goals at the moment is going to Japan as well as South Korea, and stay around the area for an elongated period of time in order to absorb as many things as I can from their approach in fashion and gastronomy. Also, the other place I have in my “to do” list is New York, due to the freedom the place detaches.

Nowadays we are all attached to our social medias. How do you see this fact as a creative person!?

Regarding Social Media, my thoughts on it are very opposite, on one hand I love it due to the exposure it has in terms of being available to show my work in a handy way, and to be able to express myself easily via a device that is always with me. But on the other hand, I feel that, as previously mentioned, there is so much people on it that is extremely difficult to stand out and to grow.

Also, social media is highly addictive but also every day technologies are becoming more and more relevant for us, so it is something that in a way needs to be stopped or we highly need to take control of it, but also as it is growing every day, we will have more things to disconnect from and it will be more difficult.

I find this topic something very complex to address, but I hope that in a close future we find a reasonable solution to it.

Do you have any projects that you are currently working on or plans for the future?

I always have so many plans and so many things I want to do. But at this exact moment I will be focusing in creating a lot of photographic content that really represents me, so I can create a strong creative identity.

Besides, if this following year I stay in Barcelona I want to start my own brand which you will hear about very soon, and if not I will be somewhere in Japan, South Korea or wherever creating even more content or working.

The reality is that up to today, I have not fully decided what or where I am going to be in a close future, I try to go with the flow and follow the opportunities that come to me. I have the strong feeling that this 2019 and 2020 will be very fruitful for me. Let’s see. :)

What motivates you more about what you do?

My motivational inputs are plenty, but the strongest ones are when I see that people appreciates what I do, this is one of the main things that make me want to create more and more, simple acts such as a friend tells me that they liked a certain picture so much, or that someone says to me that they feel inspired with my work, this makes me want to keep creating. To continue, my family and best friends by being supportive and giving me the space to create and to be myself.

And finally, when I see myself at home or wherever taking one picture, and I look at it and really really love it, this is when I feel also with so much energy to keep looking for things to capture week, an important term to highlight is that so many times, creative people, or humans in general we look for external motivation (which is important) but also, it is extremely important to learn how to feel motivated by yourself and to uplift yourself in order to always keep going and no matter what, to keep creating, because I really believe that efforts have their fruits.

This is what really motivates me.