Fitting in

Lucie Nechanicka

Lucie is a fine art photographer who mainly uses her own body in her work. The photographs are not part of any particular project, they are rather a continuous response to where she is in her life and how she feels in her own body. Although the photographs are mainly nude she doesn’t intend to present the body as a sight or an object of desire. The body is portrayed as a pure form of a human with insecurities and emotions.

"The majority of my work consists of nude self-portraiture. I have been asking myself: What motivates me to be the subject of my photographs with no clothes on?"


One could say that convenience is the key word. I can shoot whenever and whatever I want, I’m in a total charge of both – the camera and the poses. However, over time it became more than just a hobby, it became a lifestyle. I have felt like creating photographs is giving my life a purpose – when the world is bleak this would be the light guiding my way out of the darkness. I admire photographs with a deeper meaning that explore and respond to the world’s issues. However, sometimes the meaning of a photograph can lie in the process of the making, the therapeutic feeling of photographing when I let the creativity flow. The process is an activity that pleases the soul. No matter the result because it is the journey that matters most to me sometimes. I have found out that creation is like a medicine, it makes me feel better.


My photographs are reflections of my journey and me as a person. I have never felt like I fit in, whether it is my family, my home country, other countries I lived in or a society in general, I have always felt like the odd one out. The misfit, the alien, the ghost. In the past years I have lived in a few different countries and I haven’t settled yet. I have a place to live, but I don’t have a home. I use English as a main language and very rarely speak in my native one. I feel like I’m stuck between places and between identities. The old me is gone, but the new me is not clear. Who am I? Where do I belong?


I enjoy being naked in my photographs, it is a form of liberation, a way of feeling like myself, but also a form of a protest. A protest against expectations of who I should be. Society likes to teach you about yourself – who you should be and how to achieve it, especially if you are a woman. It takes your power away from you. I like to think for myself and make my own decisions in life. As a photographer I have control over representing myself as a subject and woman. Yes, I capture myself naked, but what the viewers can see is what I let them see. By photographing myself, I’m taking my power back.