In my room

Photographer: Solene Milcent

This project is inspired by the American photographer Saul Leiter and his intimate photography that were published recently in a book called  In my Room. Its an ongoing project.

I choose to explore my version of this intimacy in my own room. I choose to highlight the  Outside versus the Inside.


The outside, is overwhelmed with information, distractions, calling all our senses, and mental space, making it very hard to be focused and present to oneself or others. 


A room can be a place where you can slow down the time, let go of all the pressure, be by yourself. In my photography there is no trace of screens or digital technology. I want this moment to be out of time, out of the present at least. Undressing from the chaos of the outside world. 


To represent this feeling, I photograph with my analogue camera people in my room, lovers, friends, people I just met… I put some soft music, we drink a tea… I ask them to be in their thoughts as if I was not here. Spying them entering my own intimacy.