The Void And The Excess

Photographer: David Quesada

Text: Ekaterina Gladkova

The main concept that David Quesada is struggling with is the irreversibility of death. Life gives to humanity the opportunities and temptations, but also the curse – we all will be dead inevitably. This makes the controversy between the futility of human beings and the essence of human desires. 

Death is the guiding star: it devalues the beauty of life and makes a person empty even when they still alive. The author explores this human emptiness and goes until the peak of existential pain. Trying to overcome the death fate, he wants to refill the void with the sense.

David was born in Terrassa (Barcelona) in March 1992. He was only 8 years old when the psychologist looked at his paintings with bleeding people and told his mother that David would end up being a hitman or a terrorist.


Fortunately, he grew up too lazy to encourage violence. After finishing his design studies he obtained a branding graduate and worked as a graphic designer for a few years. This period helped David to realize that he was not interested in this sector anymore and finally found the camera as a means to express himself and his attitude to the world. The Italian and Dutch baroque art provide him with the necessary language to use in his photography works."


David finds the truth in hedonism and pleasures. His characters are strongly devoted to their desires and never afraid of facing the verity.